Workforce Management/Timekeeping Services in Odessa, Midland, & San Angelo

Take advantage of our time and attendance solutions.

Save an enormous amount of time on payroll day with one mouse click to run an export report of employee hours and another mouse click to upload those hours into Advantage Online Payroll software. If you are not using the Advantage online software, you just send the file to your local Advantage CSR.

At Advantage Payroll Services, we offer an array of employee time clocks and time and attendance solutions to best suit your needs. No matter the nature of your business, we’ll help you select the right technology at the right price.

With our assistance, your daily routine will run smoothly. Employees will be able to effortlessly clock in with our time clocks, while you’ll gain easy access to this information. It’s really that simple.

Browse the following section to learn more about our various time and attendance solutions.

- Fingerprint Scan
- Over the Web – Employee Time Clock In/Clock Out Options
- PIN or Badge Swipe
- Proximity Badge
- Ethernet Clock Options
Employee Time Clocks San Angelo TX

Our Time-keeping Solutions Can’t Be Topped!

As always, you’re more than welcome to contact our team to learn more about our reliable services. Thanks to Advantage Payroll Services, it’s never been easier to streamline the performance of your company. 

Ask Us About Employee Time Clocks & Our Time Clock Online Available For Your Businesses!

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