Reap the benefits of automated timekeeping!

To reduce labor costs and eliminate user errors, the best way to streamline your payroll process is with an automated timekeeping system. SwipeClock is an effective, easy-to-use advanced time scheduling system that helps employers and employees account for time and track labor.

SwipeClock is a workforce management tool that can save you time and money. Simplify the way you do business by making it easy for employees to clock in and out and save on one of your greatest expenses.

Key Advantages of SwipeClock
  •   Cut Labor Costs
  •  Reduce Admin & Timekeeping Errors
  •  Avoid Non-Compliance   

SwipeClock is compliant with the AICPA’s SSAE 16 attestation standard and has been issued a Type II report.


TimeClock offers you a better sense of time. With the help of over a quarter century of experience and advanced design, this program offers time and attendance solutions that fit your needs while reducing your cost. TimeClock allows you to track time and prevent stressful management issues.

Real-time electronic time clocks are becoming a new standard. This program offers an alternative to PC clocking with a clock on the wall. TimeClock features software that allows employees to perform clock transactions even during network downtime. The touch-screen interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Key advantages of TimeClock include the following:
  • Real Time Updates 
  • Payroll Modules
  • Return on Investment
  • Add-on Modules
  • Solution Comparison 
  • Easy-to-Read Reports
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